Love it. Good article.

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"Volume profile" on TradingView.

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Love the intro to mkt profile but do not find this example convincing. Based on the charts above, 1y dailies support is around 145 and form the 5d 5min mkt profile supports are at 158 and 150.

Feel that its not realistic to achieve high leverage on this trade. Executing a trade with idea based off higher timeframe charts but execution of lower timeframe charts will result in tighter stop loss. To be consistent, tp should use the same lower timeframe charts. Leverage might be high but expected value can be negative.

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Great article again. Will miss the series.

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@Brent Donnelly

Since your 50 in 50 trades is coming to an end,

Who would you choose to pass the torch as a challenge, here in substack?????

A) @Alfonso Peccatiello (Alf)

B) @Doomberg

C) @Adam Mancini

D) @AndreasStenoLarsen

E) @FXMacroGuy

Or Someone else!!!

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