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Thanks Brent, It's great!

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Thank you for the great lessons, Brent!

May I check if there is typo error with the number 80 in the statements below? Is it supposed to be 8 as you were describing low-vol markets.

"It is hard to make money trading low-vol markets. Most traders make more money when things are moving. One of the keys to success in trading is identifying the vol regime and adjusting your trading accordingly. You probably won’t make money trading breakouts when the VIX is at 11. You probably can’t trade mean reversion when the VIX is at 80."

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Thanks. Great instructional analysis

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Always look forward to and set aside time for your 50 in 50 posts Brent. Thank you.

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Thanks for this post. Don’t know how long it took you to read it but I’m guessing it’ll take me longer to internalize it basic principles much appreciated

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